Meet My New Metallic Bundle of Joy

I’ve recently endured one of the most traumatic experiences of an indecisive consumer’s life: purchasing an automobile. For someone who obsesses over buying toothpaste, this is quite a nerve-racking feat.

Over the past several months, I’ve pored over online reviews, labored through showroom sales pitches, and taken my fair share of crucial test drives.

And, of course, I’ve done quite a bit of good old-fashioned waffling along the way.

Growing weary of this madness, I finally sealed the deal this Saturday, purchasing a 2011 Volkswagen CC. She’s a delightful metallic light brown color, and her innards are black “leatherette” (our little secret).

Here’s to “CC Plotkin,” my little metallic bundle of joy. Please be gracious to her as she passes you on the open road.