time warp

Living in a 20-Minute Time Warp

This year marks the 20th anniversary of my 20-minute lapse in judgment.

That’s when I first set the clock radio in my bedroom a full 20 minutes fast.

And while the clock radio has been replaced by a slick Bose Wave Radio, the 1,200-second time warp endures.

I must have read about it in some productivity article or self-help book as a way to trick my mind into thinking it was running behind schedule. To a recent college grad, inevitably juggling his love of sleep with the demands of a full-time job, that concept must have seemed appealing.

And it probably worked. For the first few days.

But my mind clearly figured out this charade and has long since compensated for it.

There’s absolutely no way I can correct the clock now, of course, or risk irreparable psychic confusion (like I need any more of that…) As previously reported, the biannual government-imposed time changes provide quite enough personal stress, thank you very much.

So here I stay, stuck in my own self-imposed 20-minute time warp