Giving Thanks for a Bountiful Harvest


About 20 years ago, my dad started a Plotnick family tradition. Prior to launching into our annual Thanksgiving feast, we would go around the table and each share at least one thing we were thankful for.

A corny exercise to be sure, yet this ritual developed into a cherished family tradition. Responses typically ranged from the trite (“my health”) to the heartfelt (“being blessed with great friends”) to the downright shallow (“having four TVs.”)

In the spirit of said tradition, I’m pleased to reveal that I’m thankful for Twitter and the bountiful virtual harvest of people it has brought my way, including (but not limited to):

Special friends from @HOKNetwork: 
@jodephinea@johncantrell and another couple phantom tweeters.

A real Motley Crew:
@NextMoon@GinaRMiller@AllisonBroSco and honorary crewmate @bsco12. 

Elite tweeters from SMPS D.C:
@reillybri@mike_kohn, @markitectureDC and @ErinOrr (a fellow AEC turncoat).

Divine communicators from IABC St. Louis:
@dorasmith@Mgwilson and @loiterstein

A band of merry #SoMegos:
@galvinium@HollyBolton@scottdbutcher and @a_kilbourne.

A world-class: 
author (@judywriter), blogger (@GemmaWent),
consultant (@newvoodou), photographer (@BradFeinknopf), 
ringleader(@SuButcher), CMO (@kirstensibilia), 
futurist (@Urbanverse), entrepreneur (@KellyFerrara) 
and family man (@Matt_Hawk). 

With gratitude…