count your blessings

Stop the World, I Wanna…


Ignore my alarm clock.
Rediscover my old record albums.
Powerwash something.
Dance like an idiot.
Adopt a dog.
Roll around in the grass.
Take a risk.
Remove the trumpet from under my bed.
Scoff at my e-mail.  
Sing in the shower.
Plan my next career.
Forget my age.
Toss a Frisbee.
Get lost in a book.
Play a practical joke on someone(s).
Eat lotsa chocolate.
Go back to bed.
Remember what it’s like to imagine.
Talk to God.
Try to write a song.
Blow bubbles.
Build a fort.
Write a thank-you note to a former teacher.
Go swimming.
Smoke a cigar and pretend I’m important.
Study the sky.
Kick my laptop.
Learn to play the guitar (and/or piano).
Get to know my neighbors.
Open a really expensive bottle of wine.
Avoid Walmart.
Hang up on a telemarketer.
Get sidetracked.
Crank the A/C.
Try to figure out Gary Busey.
Find a hammock.

Count my blessings.


This post was inspired by Let’s Blog Off, a community of bloggers united around a common theme. I’m honored to add my perspective to the mix.