Nine-Eleven Times Ten



Ten years ago, I didn’t die.

My helpless body didn’t endure the angry flames that engulfed the twin structures symbolizing America.

Ten years ago, I didn’t rescue.

My heroics weren’t tested and refined as I risked everything to drag charring carnage from the remains.

Ten years ago, I didn’t sacrifice.

Not a single family member or close friend perished alongside the 3,000 who did.

Ten years ago, I didn’t crumble.

My life and lifestyle carried on with barely a nick.

But ten years ago, I shared.

Shared a horrific tragedy that reshaped humanity.

And ten years ago, I hurt.

Hurt for the thousands of relationships senselessly severed.

Ten years ago, I lost.

Lost an innocent naïveté that believed evil couldn’t thrive.

I watched.

I listened.

I felt.

Ten years ago, I remember.