Hello, Mulva?

Celeste? Gipple? Mulva? No, Delores!

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where Jerry starts dating a woman whose name he doesn’t know.

His only clue: she discloses how tough it was growing up with a name that rhymes with a female body part.

So, he and bumbling buddy George brainstorm some possibilities:

Celeste? Aretha? Gipple? Bovary?

Finally, they settle on Mulva, as they can’t think of anything more plausible.

After a series of failed attempts to get her to disclose her name, Jerry is finally forced to reveal his ridiculous name guess.

It’s only after she storms out of his apartment that he realizes what her real name must be: DELORES.

Of course!

I find this episode amusing on so many levels, but the most primal of them is that it aligns with one of my primary weaknesses.

I suck at remembering names.

Which is not a particularly helpful deficiency for someone who works in PR. But I do what I can to work around the handicap through lots of “Hi Theres” and “Nice to See You Agains.”

It’s unfortunate that I haven’t made it a priority to improve my name recall skills.

I’m quick to acknowledge how good it makes me feel when someone remembers (and recites) my name, yet I don’t give others the same level of respect.

If I’m honest, I think I stumble in this area because I’m more concerned with making a positive impression on whomever I’m meeting than actually getting to know whomever I’m meeting.

Having a Mulva-like clue to ponder would certainly give me a helpful (and fun) leg up on conquering this issue once and for all.

The great irony is that I’m quite adept at remembering obscure names from my childhood – from random neighbors to minor actors in TV sitcoms.

Like Susan Walters, the delightful actress who played the part of Delores.