Help Me Quit Crack(Berry)


Ask any of my co-workers (and many of my friends) what my BlackBerry means to me, and they’ll probably say “far too much.”

Astute folks.

You see, in the past two years, I’ve grown a bit over-attached to this little impish device. It‘s never far from my clutches and has taken a position as one of the top 3 belongings whose whereabouts are my constant obsession (the wallet and keys occupy slots #2 and #3).

Like any addiction, my BB abuse has escalated to the point of needing some serious intervention. It’s causing me to neglect my family, shirk my household chores, EVEN text while driving (in fact, I regularly compose and send entire e-mails while powering down the highway – who says guys can’t multi-task?)

Going cold turkey is always an option, of course, but it’s such an unpleasant one – complete with vomiting, DT’s and other detox-withdrawal symptoms.

I’m looking for a less severe “scaling back,” one in which I can still reap the benefits of mobility while knowing when to say when. Like a food addict who needs to learn to manage her food issues, I just need to train myself to become a more responsible BlackBerry owner/operator (i.e. she’s still gotta eat; I’ve still gotta tweet).

And so I ask: Does anyone have any ideas for helping to transform my CrackBerry back to a BlackBerry?

My ears – and thumbs – eagerly await your suggestions.


  • kirsten sibilia

    Switching jobs helped me. And I know that isn’t for everyone — and certainly not a good reason to make a move — but being in an environment that’s less compulsively connected to their treos or iphones* did help me to become more aware of just how often I checked my iphone and how much of a distraction it was at times. Now occassionally — at least for short meetings — I just leave it at my desk or in my pocket. That made me really Itchy at first, but it gets easier. Surprisingly (to me, probably not to others), nothing horrible seems to happen when I can’t respond to an email within 5 minutes of receiving it, or if I go a full day without reading any twitter posts. It is humbling, but liberating, to know that. At home, I now leave my iphone plugged in. Not just because it is an energy hog, but because then it is in an awkward corner, and it makes it unfortable to stand there, teathered to the wall, emailing, texting etc. And I never ever take it upstairs. Best of luck cutting back on the berry juice my friend. *never actually worked in a blackberrry community

  • Su Butcher

    I managed to persuade a colleague to give up his blackberry. I persuaded him to get an iphone…

  • Mike Plotnick

    I think I’m probably easing toward an iPhone. My big concern is having to sacrifice speed/accuracy of an actual QWERTY keyboard.